Musical Adventures:

The Pineapple Explorers Club is not your typical music class -- it's an award winning in-home musical adventure! You name the time and place; we pick the playlist. Our lessons take you and your little ones around the world and through time rocking to your favorite tunes. And don't worry -- you won't hear "Wheels on the Bus" from us. We play the classics, from Bruce to Britney, and it's never too soon to teach your little ones to love them too!

Pineapple Performers:

A 45-minute class designed for your little one to explore the magic of theatre through their favorite books! In each class, we will reach a storybook, learn a line, make a prop, sing a song, learn a dance and put on a show. Perfect for ages 2-4, especially those getting ready for Pre-K.

Musical Adventures with Spanish or French Immersion:

Our Musical Adventure class with a  twist. Using Little Pim’s Entertainment Immersion Method® and materials, we engage your child’s natural love of play and learning through repetition. We will teach child-friendly vocabulary based around a theme. They’ll learn words such as cake, doll, train, and simple phrases, as well as numbers 1-10.